Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

Portuguese cavalry

This year my birthday-gift from Pieter is the round up of the Portuguese army in our peninsular war range with the missing cavalry arm.

Great to have such friends:-)

See the extra head and separate arm with a shouldered sabre to give me the possibility to make both versions of early and late uniform. And with the shouldered sabre we also can create a waiting unit. I just need a standing horse.

Afterwards in addition an officer and a Trumpeter and we have all what we need for the Portugal army. I fear to complete the Spanish armies will be much more difficult - but we will try:-)

And here a few plates to show how their uniform would be a nice difference to British heavy dragoons in red coats.

Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Eugene and his staff

My hobbyfriend Marc is working on an Italian army in Russia 1812.

So he asked Massimo about a staff for them. As a source we used this painting

And see what a surprise for Easter we got today - No guide but a second ADC as we wanted

Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

Modellbautage in Fürstenfeldbruck

Last weekend we had a model show (fair) in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich. The only fair which is within a one hours drive from my home...

I visited it with my son and he had a lot of fun too. A local Lego club showed some impressive buildings, Bundeswehr vehicles from the 60ies outside, around 30 Star wars reenactors and a lot of models, from working steam-engines to the usual models in all scales.

And for him the most important thing, an elderly collector asked him if he started modelling (he is nine years old) and his answer was "I tried my first few". So the nice fellow gave him as a gift a box for an 1:48 airplane with the words "I am glad to see that young boys are still interested in modelling - I want to support this".

So here now some impressions of this fair

The "welcome" :-)

A paper modell in 1/72

Lego underwater world

Lego Steampunk - never seen such a thing before

Most impressing Lego modell. Star wars Naboo hangar. Very big!

Zvezda Roman ship

After seeing this I bought the kit (in 1/72)

Bundeswehr in Afghanistan - still teasing me

This is a Bolivian Ju 52 in the Chacco war

Two nice vignettes in 1/35 scale.

This guy had a whole stand full with these little dioramas of cars

As it was 1/72 it was of course interesting to me:-)

I am wondering why we lost the war with such engines:-)

Charge the guns!

One of my favorites!

These guys dioramas told a story each. All in 1/72

WW1 vehicles. I didn't know that so many different ones are available in 1/72

And again the Bundeswehr. I need to buy some Dingo's....

With the missing light in this corner of the building his starschips looked impressing with the lights.

A nice little maritime diorama

Montag, 10. April 2017

A new set - British Medics

My friend Thomas Mischak whose focus lies totally on the 18th of June 1815 asked for several nice figure-sets from Massimo in the past.

Now he wanted to have some British medics. I thought a great idea as we have a lot of French medics available but nearly nothing for other armies.

So here are the photos from Massimo's latest masters which  I got this morning. Hopefully within 3 weeks in our shop.

And of course they are useful for the Peninsular war too:-)